Your air conditioning unit is your best friend until it starts malfunctioning. When the technician claims that your AC unit may need replacing, you may find yourself googling air conditioning contractors near me, to check if you need to change both units. If this is a question you face, there are a few things to consider.

The short answer to whether you should replace only the outside AC unit is no. It is only advisable to consider replacing your AC unit separately if the air conditioner is relatively new, and the warranty clears the replacement. The company may be willing to replace the outdoor or indoor units with completely identical parts. Companies offering AC installation in London, ON are not hard to find.

Why Replacing is The Better Option

While replacing your entire AC unit may seem inconvenient, here are some reasons why replacing both units is the better option.

  • Matching systems function better

Outdoor and indoor units are manufactured to work together. The matched unit is arranged to perform at optimum efficiency. Although the AC may work with two differently manufactured parts, that jeopardizes the functionality of both individual units, in turn compromising the entire AC system.

  • Latest technology benefits

With modern advancements in technology, HVAC residential technology has considerably improved over the years. Air filtration performance, noise levels, thermostat functioning and other services in HVAC systems experience advancements frequently. Replacing your system together makes sure that your AC performs perfectly for the comfort of your home and family.

  • Warranty expirations

Buying and installing separate units for your AC system may mean that their warranty dates may differ. There may not be full warranty coverage for outdoor units that do not match the indoor units.

  • Cost efficiency

Trying to maintain a separately installed outdoor or indoor unit might prove to be an expensive maintenance project. Installing only an outdoor unit would mean a separate consequent indoor unit replacement, which could cost almost twice as much to replace the system as a whole. While only replacing one unit of the system may seem cheap right now, it will cost you a fortune long-term.

  • Upgrades and higher efficiency

While considering replacing your AC system as a whole, you must make sure to upgrade from an R-22 refrigerant to an R-410 refrigerant to uphold environmental regulations and to increase efficiency. The efficiency ratings of matched units are higher and based on matched potential.

When To Replace Your AC Unit

Here is when you can consider replacing your AC unit.

  • If your unit is older than nine years
  • If your current system is not maintained well
  • If the current system is unmatched
  • If your AC is running on Freon

If you are looking to replace your air conditioning unit, a quick search on air conditioning contractors near me should do the trick. You can also contact us at Bow Home Comfort Systems on our number (519)-857-2029 for more information regarding AC installation in London, ON.