Here at Bow Home Comfort Systems, we have been availing customers of the best experience for years now by providing them with a range of heating services as well as furnace installation solutions. After working in the industry for quite some time, serving people in and around London, we have maintained a reputation as the go-to heating solution. The services are available in London, Middlesex, St. Thomas, Oregon, and the surrounding areas, with immediate emergency service on demand. When it comes to furnace installation, we are the experts you can rely upon without a second thought!

What We Offer

  • Furnace installation: Installing furnaces and heating systems at your house, Bow Home Comfort Systems also repairs and tunes up your furnace whenever required.
  • Indoor air quality services: Humidification (both evaporative and steam) and filtration.
  • AC: Maintenance, replacement, tune-up, installation, servicing.
  • Other related services: Water heaters, contractors services phrases, specialty solutions, selling branded thermostats, grills, and most other HVAC needs.

Finest Furnace Installation in London

Bow Home Comfort Systems constantly invests in their customers by giving them affordable ranges to install their heating systems. The heating installation has several risks tied to it. It commonly occurs because people do not replace their furnaces in years.

  • The risk of a cracked exchanger of heat in a furnace emitting toxic gases into the house.
  • The cost risk, when your furnace makes you spend all your salary on gas bills. Be kind to your budget. Choose Bow Home Comfort Systems.
  • Low performance, lack of maintenance lead to filthy clogged filters affecting the heating.
  • The repair cost comes out to be more than anticipated. A problem that looks small might be a terrible safety hazard causing repairable damage.

The professionals here first walk you through the entire process, setting up the furnace at the best spot and giving you all the related information without being asked. The customer enjoys the right to information. As a homeowner, you need to understand your heating system. You can ask them anything, anytime, and they will be ready to help you without hesitating.

Why Choose Bow Home Comforts Systems?

With so many businesses available around them, why would a customer rely on Bow Home Comfort Systems? It’s because they have home comfort right in their name, and every local knows that this father and son business is here to get their job done.

Because we have the best HVAC contractors on hand, we perform numerous professional tasks each day; installing and maintaining humidifiers, filters, furnaces, AC, grills, and other heating systems.

The customer service and reviews speak for themselves. The availability of immediate online help provided right through the website makes things easier. Do not hesitate to call us in case of an emergency. Because we strictly serve residential customers, it allows us to focus on the quality of work done. Get your home warm and cozy with the help of Bow Home Comfort Systems because winter is just around the corner! You can enjoy a cup of coffee while we take care of the heating installation.