Summer is not just the season for AC’s but also the season when your air conditioner faces issues. Leaks are the most common type of issue you’ll find in your AC unit. Be it a water leak or refrigerant leak – these are issues that pop up regularly. Most of the time, they can be diagnosed easily with DIY methods. Is your AC facing several other problems besides refrigerant leak? Then, search for air conditioning contractors near me and give them a call.

Signs Indicating A Refrigerant Leak

Want to know how to detect Freon (refrigerant) leaks in your house? Then keep a lookout for these signs and then determine whether your AC is leaking refrigerant.

  • Reduced Airflow

Refrigerant is the component that regulates cool air in the air conditioning system. So, when the system is low on refrigerant or has leakage trouble, your AC’s airflow will be hindered.

  • Increased Energy Bills

Electricity bills spiking all of a sudden? Low refrigerant could indirectly be the reason for this. When the refrigerant level drops in the AC, its efficiency falls. This leads to your air conditioner running in long cycles, thus consuming more energy than usual.

  • Warm Airflow From Your AC

If warm air starts coming from your air conditioner, it is a sure sign of a low refrigerant or a refrigerant leak. When you confirm a leak, you can call AC installation in London, ON, and get your leak fixed.

Fixing A Refrigerant Leak

  • Finding The Leak

Start by detecting where the leak has occurred. For this, you can use a gas detector. You are advised to use a halogen-gas leak detector as Freon is a halogen. Once you identify the place of the leakage, you have to analyze its severity.

  • Pump Out The Refrigerant

Before you begin the repair, you should pump out the remaining refrigerant to avoid further seepage. You will have to use a refrigerant pump for this case. Make sure to follow the instructions given in the manual.

  • Repairing The Leak

Fixing the refrigerant leak in your AC will require a lot of technical knowledge and the corresponding tools. If the leak is small, you will have to solder the line where you spotted the crack. If the crack is big and the leakage is severe, the better option is to contact a professional. Look for AC installation in London, ON, and contact them to get your AC issues solved.

  • Recharging The Coolant

If you have managed to seal the crack, then you should refill the refrigerant. Do not overcharge or undercharge it – this will cause so many other issues. Ensure that you fill it up only to the recommended level. Now, you can be sure that your system will function at its optimum level.

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