Purchasing an AC implies repeating costs on maintenance, repair, and routine tests. Essentially, we, as AC owners, need to confront a modest bunch of costs. In some cases, we need to call an expert for its yearly adjustment.
Once in a while, there is the need to repair any part or gear of the AC system, and in some cases, the entire unit should be changed. We search for air conditioning contractors near me on our phones to get the required services in cases like these.

The Contactor

The most well-known sort of cost from an AC is repairing and replacing. Consistent use of AC makes its sensitive parts face significant wear and tear. If not dealt with, these defective parts can hurt the entire unit bringing about unavoidable costs.

There are many parts in an AC, like a capacitor, a condenser, refrigerant, loops, vents, siphons, and so forth. These segments face wear and tear when the unit works for extended periods daily. Owners need to incur repeating costs for the fixing, maintenance of these parts.

A contactor is one such component. It’s an electrical transmitter that deals with power progression in your AC system’s various gadgets and parts. The contactor is an important part of the entire unit. If it gets any shortcoming or fault, the entire power supply disturbs, bringing about the failing of the unit.

Damaged AC Contactor

The AC can confront numerous harms and issues if the contactor faces any harm. The unit may fail, and this failing is called pitting. Pitting happens because of extreme voltage experience to the contactor.

A broken contactor can make the framework lose its effectiveness in cooling the house. This will make the forced air system work more enthusiastically than expected to cool the house, and it will, thus, raise your power bills. Bugs, dirt, and dust can likewise harm the contactor.

A damaged contactor has numerous indications which you can easily pick out. There might be some persistent clicking sounds that were not there previously, the plastic case of the contactor may liquefy because of overabundant warmth, or there might be an obscure murmuring sound while turning on the AC.

AC Service Call, Parts, Time and Installation Cost

Repair Task Part Cost Install Time Cost Installed
Troubleshooting Service Call * 1-2 hours $75-$190
Hourly Street Rate ** $75-$150
Replace Circuit Breaker $25-$65 1 hour $110-$180
Thermostat Replacement $80-$220 1 $140-$325
Replacement AC Contactor $25-$75 1 $110-$225
Air Conditioner Capacitor $25-$45 1 $100-$225
Air Conditioner Circuit Board *** $40-$475 1 $145-$575
Repair Copper Lineset 1-3 $110-$275
Replace Copper Lineset (30 foot insulated) $155-$350 2-4 $365-$625
Evaporator Coil Replacement Cost $250-$550 2-4 $675-$1300
TXV or Refrigerant Meter $25-$60 1-2 $150-$250
Evaporator Drain Pan $25-$65 1-2 $100-$225
Condensate Drain Line $25-$45 1-2 $100-$195
Replace Condensate Pump $35-$75 1 hour $100-$165
Compressor Hard Start Kit $45-$75 1 $100-$195
Compressor Replacement**** $175-$670 2-4 $450-$1600
Outdoor Coil Replacement**** $175-$490 2-4 $450-$1450
Condensing Unit Fan Motor $50-$200 1-2 $100-$325
Refrigerant Leak Detection ***** $25-$45 1-3 hours $135-$225
R22 Refrigerant Recharge (3 pounds) $90 1 hour $210-$380
R410 Refrigerant Charge (3 pounds) $45 1 hour $95-$145

If the harm is little, your expert can essentially fix the contactor and set it back into the unit. Yet, on the off chance that the harm caused isn’t repairable, your expert will request that you purchase another contactor.

Another contractor costs you between $150 – $350 as per the system and its details. If your unit is small and relatively old, the new contractor will be less expensive. However, if your unit is the most recent model, you may need to spend more on it.

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