That’s something we’ve all experienced. In the winter, you retire to your bed only to awaken at an inconvenient hour to find that your heating has failed and your bedroom temperature has dropped to colder temperature.

Usually, this issue can be remedied by just walking to the furnace and turning it back on, but if your heating system refuses to turn on no matter what you do, you might be in for a cold and uncomfortable night. You must get our professionals by searching furnace repair near me online.

  1. Reset the Circuit Breaker on Your Breaker Panel
    Even though many furnaces run on gas or propane, certain parts of them need electricity to work. Two of these components are electric ignition systems and the blower fan motor. All of these are essential for your furnace to function correctly. Get our expert by searching furnace repair near me online.

    It’s a good idea to double-check your primary circuit breakers. Circuit breakers protect your electric appliances by tripping when the system overloads due to too many devices plugged in.

  2. Take a Check at the Temperature Setting on the Thermostat
    Another common cause of furnace ignition problems is a broken thermostat. It’s worth checking to see whether the programming on the thermostat has been lost. Regardless of whether you find it, you should reset it to check whether the ignition issues have been cured.

    Replace them, switch on the furnace as usual, and increase the thermostat 10 degrees above room temperature. It’s also a good idea to make sure the thermostat is set on HEAT rather than COLD.

  3. Check Your Air Filter To See Whether It’s In Excellent Operating Condition
    When the air filter gets dirty and clogged and needs to be changed, many furnaces now feature safety devices that compel them to switch off. If your furnace filter hasn’t been changed in over 90 days, it’s most likely the root of your ignition issues.
  4. Examine The Drain Pan To See Whether It Needs To Be Emptied
    Every HVAC system comes with a drain pan to collect the water removed from the air. Water that accumulates here is often permitted to drain. If the system collects too much water or the drain line gets blocked, a safety switch will be activated, preventing the furnace from starting.
  5. Check To See Whether Your Pilot Light is Operating Correctly.
    Most gas furnaces will not turn on until the pilot light is lit. You can see where the pilot light is on via a bit of glass window on the stove. If it turns out, relight it according to the instructions that came with it.

    As a possible solution to this problem, remove the door panel and clean the inside of the furnace. If this is the case, it’s best to leave the furnace flame sensor to your local furnace repair company or fix this issue by searching furnace tune-up specials near me online

  6. Confirm The Availability Of Fuel
    The final item to check when troubleshooting ignition issues is if the furnace has access to fuel. In other cases, the fundamental reason for a furnace’s failure to turn on is that it cannot accept gas for whatever reason.

You should immediately notify your gas supplier of the situation and have them come out to repair it. It’s best to leave issues with a gas line or the gas valve to our professionals by searching furnace tune-up specials near me online. You can also visit BOW Home Comfort System’s official website or call us at (519)-857-2029.