There is no one-size-fits-all solution regarding how frequently you should replace your furnace filter (aka air filter). Here are some guidelines to assist you in figuring out what kind of frequency to anticipate. Each house’s HVAC system after an efficient furnace replacement in London, ON, runs for a different period, and each home’s air contains a varied quantity of the garbage, dust, pet dander, and allergies. These are the most crucial factors to consider when deciding how long a filter will last.

By changing your furnace filter regularly, you can keep the air in your house free of dust and other impurities. If you do not update your filter, it will get clogged and incapable of detecting new particles. A blocked filter can let more dirt and debris move through your house, increasing dust inhalation and triggering allergies in your family.

Furthermore, a clogged furnace filter makes the engine of your furnace/HVAC system work harder, lowering efficiency.

A Few Factors That Should be Kept in Mind About Replacing The Furnace Filter Are:

  • Open Windows and Doors Regularly
    Dust and pollutants from the outside air enter your house through open windows and doors, adding to the dirt on your air filters. One-inch filters should be updated monthly, four-inch filters every two months, and five-inch filters every three months if your windows and doors are often left open.
  • Animals
    If you have hairy dogs in your house, the life of your furnace filter will be cut short. If you have one animal at home, you should replace your filter every two months for one or two-inch filters, four months for four-inch filters, and six months for five-inch filters.
  • Smokers
    If you have smokers in your house, your filter will be damaged. The longer your filter lasts, the more smokers you have. You can get away with replacing a one or two-inch filter every two months, a four-inch filter every four months, and a five-inch filter every six months if you have one smoker in the home. If you have a lot of smokers in the house, reduce the frequency to once a month for one to two-inch filters, twice a month for four-inch filters, and three times a month for five-inch filters.
  • Thermostat-controlled fan
    The frequency with which your heater fan runs determines how often you should do it for filtering replacement. If your heater fan is on all the time, replace your filter every month, every two months if it is on sometimes; and every three months if it is never on.
  • Dust
    Another issue that might affect the life of your furnace filter is excessive dust. If your residence is dusty, replace one and two-inch filters once a month, four-inch filters every two months, and five-inch filters every three months, or you can contact experts from furnace tune-up in London, Ontario.
  • Allergies
    If anybody in your household suffers from allergies, changing the air filter regularly can assist. A higher-quality filter will be more expensive, but it will effectively reduce allergies.
  • It’s a good indicator of how frequently your furnace filters from furnace tune-up in London, Ontario, need to be changed if you’re aware of the elements that affect indoor air quality. Filters should be changed regularly to ensure that your furnace performs smoothly and effectively and that the air you and your family breathe is as clean as possible.

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