Irritated by your furnace constantly shutting on and off? Tired of the way you have to endure the cold while dealing with your furnace’s mood swings?

There might be a good number of reasons as to why this keeps happening. Perhaps the reason behind it is obstruction of airflow, faulty parts, or a dirty flame sensor rod. You can try to repair it yourself if it is a minor fault or call a professional if required. Home repairs often do not work, and it is advisable to call in the experts then.

Keep reading to find out the reasons for your Goodman furnace turning on and off repeatedly.

What Are The Reasons Behind Your Goodman Furnace Turning on And Off?

There are several reasons behind your Goodman furnace constantly turning on and off. There might be a problem with the flame sensor rod, control panel, air filter et cetera. These problems are certainly troublesome and can give one a tough time. Resolving these problems in time should be done to prevent any major damage to the furnace.

  1. Closed vents: A furnace uses vents to let in air for heat exchange. When these vents are closed, the air is not able to flow into the heat exchanger, which can lead to the furnace turning on and off frequently.
  2. Dirty air filter: A dirty air filter prevents airflow to the heat exchanger. You should consider cleaning it once in a while to maintain the smooth flow of the air to the heat exchanger. This is one of the most common issues for the furnace to turn on and off.
  3. Large furnace: Another reason why the furnace keeps turning on and off is perhaps because of its large size. Often, large furnaces heat rooms very quickly and turn off when the target temperature is achieved. When the room cools down quickly because of the absence of continued heating, the furnace keeps turning on again to achieve the target heat temperature, making it one of the most probable causes of turning on and off.
  4. Low-temperature setting: Low-temperature setting on the thermostat might be a reason for the furnace turning on and off frequently. This is because the target temperature is achieved faster, making it possible for the furnace to cool down quickly.

How Can You Solve The Issue Of Your Goodman Furnace Turning On And Off?

There are numerous ways in which you can try repairing your furnace yourself. You can consider cleaning the air filter and the flame sensor rod, opening the vents, checking the temperature setting on the thermostat, and buying a furnace suitable for your house size. Alternatively, if the problem persists, you can search ‘ furnace repair near me ’ and call the professionals that you find suitable. Remember, having an expert’s opinion is extremely crucial!

The issue of your Goodman furnace turning on and off can be solved by looking up solutions or calling the experts in. You can also look up ‘ furnace tune up london ontario ‘ and find us on the results!
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